Seniors and Veterans

The most important thing seniors and those close to retirement age should know is that any reforms to Medicare and Social Security that I have supported would not have affected their current benefits. We must never rip the rug from under our seniors with dramatic changes to those at or near retirement.

That said, reforms must be made so Medicare and Social Security will remain viable for future seniors. If we do nothing, our current benefits system is sure to collapse.

Our population is aging, people are living longer, and ObamaCare further threatens the sustainability of these essential safety net programs by taking over $700 billion out of Medicare to pay for new entitlements.

I support common-sense reforms, like competitive-bidding from healthcare providers, that will drive down cost, and improve care for our seniors. I want to protect those that depend on Social Security and Medicare, and doing nothing to reform these programs for the future is simply irresponsible.

Our veterans fought hard to protect our freedom, and upon their return, we must keep our promises to them. Since I was first elected to Congress, I have worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs and our local VA Healthcare system to reduce the backlog of veteran’s claims and help our veterans receive better, more efficient care.

I have also recently hired a Retired Army Captain, Rene Coronado, to serve as my Veterans Field Representative.  He knows the ins-and-outs of the VA, and can work with you if you are having trouble with your Veterans benefits or you are active duty military personnel and need assistance. To learn more about the work he is doing and how he can help you, click here.

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Visiting with some local seniors at an event in Corpus Christi.


Visiting with Veterans at our Salute to our Military event.