Our Federal Workforce Must Operate at 100%

The President, Harry Reid, and Senate Democrats are making the sequester cuts as painful as possible for political gain.  The reality of the sequester however is that the needed savings can be achieved without furloughs or reductions in the federal workforce.

There is so much wasteful Washington spending..sometimes it is even hard to believe.  Did you know that the government spends $4 million a year for the IRS to have its own television studio?  Or that last year, taxpayers paid $340 million for 894 federal government conferences?

Those are the areas of spending that need to be cut, but the President and his federal agency heads refuse to even look for the easier savings.

That’s why I introduced the Protecting America’s Civilian Workforce (PACE) Act, which forces the President’s budget office to find those less painful savings, like cutting wasteful or duplicative programs, and keep our federal workforce operating at 100 percent.

A Washington, D.C. based news station wrote about my bill this week.  You can read the story, “Farenthold bill offers way to stop sequestration-related furloughs,” can be read here.




If you are or know a high school artist, I’d like you to enter the Congressional Art Competition. 

Every year, the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide are competition for high school students. I want your entry to represent the people of the 27th District of Texas. To learn more about the competition, click here.



In Victoria, two members of my staff, Bob Haueter and David Montero, attended Legislative Day events at the Capital in Austin honoring Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Matagorda, and Victoria. 

In Corpus Christi, Christopher Lawrence from my staff went around to all the local high schools to drop off information about the 2013 Congressional Art Competition.

If you don’t follow me on twitter, here are a few tweets from this week:

In #TX27, CCAD & NASCC employees are facing furloughs of up to 22 days because #POTUS & #SenateDems failed to act – PACE will prevent that

FLOTUS called the #WH the “People’s House” yet today WH said tours are cancelled indefinitely. So much for #transparency #springcleaning?

USDA busted on trying to make #sequester as painful as possible: j.mp/13EUZjX #gopoversight #cutwaste

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