Answering Questions on C-SPAN

Click above to watch a compilation of questions from my C-SPAN interview.

Last week, I went on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal program to discuss immigration, President Trump’s extreme vetting order, border security and more. To watch a compilation of questions I was asked, please click here.

Upcoming Votes to Help Veterans

This week, the House will vote on two bills I cosponsored to help veterans after they finish their military service. Our veterans fought hard to protect our freedom, and upon their return, we must fight to ensure that they are taken care of.

The first bill is the HIRE Vets Act, introduced by my colleague, Rep. Paul Cook of California. This bill will promote private sector recruiting, hiring and retaining of men and women who served our nation honorably. The bill will create a medallion program that recognizes employers that hire veterans and provide a supportive environment to retain them.

In my office, I employ several veterans and am extremely grateful for the unique skills and experiences they bring to the table. Their hard work, leadership skills and background allow them to provide the best service to the citizens of the 27th District of Texas.

The second veteran bill the House will vote on this week is the WINGMAN Act, introduced by my colleague Ted Yoho of Florida. It will help my staff help veterans faster.

It will give certified congressional staff, like my Red Tape Cutters, access to case files they already have permission to possess without waiting for the VA as the middleman - a process that can take weeks or months. By reducing the time it takes for caseworkers to access the files they need to do their job, veterans will see faster turnaround times for their claims and receive more timely care.

Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month in the United States and I invite you to join me in celebrating it this year by reflecting on the accomplishments African Americans have made in this great nation. Black history is inextricably woven into American history, which can and should unite and strengthen the great state of Texas and our entire nation.

Black History Month is a time that should make us all pause and appreciate the significant contributions African Americans have made in countless areas of importance to the American way of life like art, business, education, governance, industry, manufacturing, medicine, politics, religion, science, sports and technology.

While I know some of the lessons we learn from Black History Month may be painful, they can also be a beacon of light to lead us away from discrimination and towards a future of peace and unity.

I’m cosponsoring H.R. 367 because suppressors are a safety device, providing hearing protection and reducing recoil.
10 Fed 2017

Last night, the House passed the Email Privacy Act, which protects your Fourth Amendment rights in the digital age.
7 Feb 2017

Last week, I went on Tipping Point on @OANN with @Liz_Wheeler to discuss Obamacare, border security and more.
6 Feb 2017

The YODA bill, today, I did file. 👽💫 #HR905