Regulatory Integrity Act: Congressman Farenthold’s Remarks

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WASHINGTON, February 14, 2017 | Elizabeth Peace (202.225.7742) | comments

Full Committee Business Meeting

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As prepared for delivery:

“Every year, federal agencies issue thousands of new regulations, each which must be reviewed in a period of notice and comment. These periods allow the public an opportunity to review the regulations and offer constructive feedback for the agencies to take into consideration. Unfortunately, we’ve seen agencies ignore these comments time and time again. Even worse, we’ve occasionally seen them try and manipulate the public into commenting in support of their proposals…We all remember how the EPA violated propaganda and anti-lobbying provisions during the Waters of the United States public comment period. They were found guilty of explicitly campaigning for their proposal via social media with phrases such as “I choose clean water,” in order to garner more attention and support for the definition change to WOTUS under the Clean Water Act. This was a manipulative, misleading strategy, because of course people are going to support clean water. They may not however support costly, burdensome regulations that subject farmers and small businesses to the EPA’s onerous permitting process with little or no benefit for the cost…”  


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