Farenthold: US Should Urge More Screening for Refugees, Not Less

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Washington, April 8, 2016 | Elizabeth Peace (202.225.7742) | comments

Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX-27) released the following statement today after news reports that the Obama Administration is planning to spend far less time vetting Syrian refugees than previously planned. The Washington Times reported that a spike in Middle Eastern refugees will rush the vetting process in the U.S. from the initial 18 to 24-month timeframe to just three months.

“I would like to remind President Obama that his own Administration has warned him that it’s incredibly difficult to vet these refugees because they don’t have information from Syria to vet against,” Congressman Farenthold said. “I’m extremely concerned about this flawed idea and angry that the President would risk the safety of Americans at a time like this. After the recent terrorist attacks abroad that have taken American lives, and the arrest of one refugee in Texas who was been accused of planning an attack on American soil, it’s clear the President is not protecting the citizens he represents.”

Congressman Farenthold has cosponsored recent legislation to curb these types of policies and instead protect the lives of Americans:

-          H.R. 3314 – Resettlement Accountability National Security Act

-          H.R. 3573 – Refugee Resettlement Oversight and Security Act

-          H.R. 3999 – American SAFE Act

-          H.R. 4038 – American SAFE Act

-          H.R. 4197 – State Refugee Security Act of 2015


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