Jobs and the Economy

One of my top priorities in Congress is to restore the American dream so everyone can live a life they love with a good job and financial security. To do this, we must help grow our economy, and create jobs.
In Texas, we’ve seen that lower taxes and a smaller government translate to more opportunities for all. Our growth rate is double the national average, and from 2002-2011, we created nearly a third of the country’s highest paying jobs. We’re getting things right in the Lone Star state, and I’m working hard every day to show my colleagues in Washington that our nation could benefit from the Texas model.
Create Jobs and Grow the Economy
A big reason our economy and job market is in a slump is economic uncertainty. Companies are hesitant to hire more workers and expand their business because they are waiting for the next round of tax increases or burdensome regulations to come their way. In 2012 alone, companies spent a total of $1.75 trillion just to comply with all the government regulations already on the books. We must remove onerous regulations while still protecting safety and the environment, and create an economic climate where job creators know what to expect and can plan for it.

Pass a Budget and Pay Down the Debt
The federal government is spending and borrowing money at an unsustainable rate. We are spending nearly a trillion dollars more a year than we take in, and it’s eroding economic confidence, burdening our children and grandchildren with debt and making it harder for people to find and keep a job. Debt is suffocating the American dream and making it harder for everyone to get ahead.
Going forward, Washington has no choice but to learn how to live within its means and Congress must pass a budget that includes a path to pay down our debt. We don’t need a balanced budget just for a balanced budget’s sake. We need a balanced budget because of the opportunities it creates. When our nation’s fiscal house is in order, our economy will be stronger, jobs will be created, and there will be more opportunity and higher paying jobs for everyone.
Maximize Energy Production
In Texas and across the country, the energy industry has proved to be a robust economic generator. In Victoria, Corpus Christi, and all of the 27th district of Texas an abundance of low cost energy has positioned the region for dynamic growth throughout the 21st century.
Though I support an all-of-the-above approach to energy development, incorporating wind, solar, hydropower, nuclear, geothermal and biomass and clean coal; American and Texas-produced oil and natural gas are the key to our economic recovery. There is such an abundance of natural gas, we are looking to become an energy exporter, while still keeping domestic prices at historic lows.
I will continue to advocate for policies that will allow us to harness our abundant supply of domestic natural resources and develop new sources of energy. If we don’t do that, the price of gas, groceries, electricity and more will continue to rise.
High Tech means High Pay
America excels at innovation. The oil and gas boom is fueled by Hydraulic franking technology. Companies like Apple, Google, Intel and thousands of technology startups are capitalizing on American ingenuity.
We must make sure our tech companies can thrive by making sure we protect their intellectual property with good patent law and immigration policies that allow the best and brightest talent world-wide to work in America, We need to enable our educational institutions to train the next generation of teachers, scientists, engineers, mathematicians and entrepreneurs.