Honoring our Heroes and Getting Washington Back to Work

Let’s get to work
As Congress returns to Washington, I look forward to continuing to represent South Texas through the lame duck session and into the 113th Congress.

Right now, the media is in an uproar about the fiscal cliff that is fast approaching, and although there is a lot to be done, I am optimistic we will avert this cliff and start meaningful work on tax reform, job creation and immigration reform. You can count on me to continue to be your voice in Washington, D.C. I am honored to serve you and thank you for your involvement with the issues and challenges that face our country and the world. 

Veterans Day 2012 – Honoring America’s Heroes 
Yesterday was Veterans day, a day to recognize the heroes among us who bravely give up their life to protect ours. Words alone are not enough to express the gratitude I feel toward those who have served this nation, and I am honored to represent over 48,000 South Texas veterans.

My staff of red tape cutters stays committed to helping South Texas veterans work with the Veterans Administration (VA) to get the benefits they deserve. Additionally, the House of Representatives Budget allocates $1.5 trillion through 2022 to meet the needs of our veterans from health care services to employment training and fully funds VA Entitlement programs from 2013 and beyond. CLICK HERE for more information on what the House is doing to help our veterans. 

If you or a loved one you know needs help with the VA, contact my caseworkers in the Corpus Christi Office at (361) 884-2222 or in Brownsville at (956) 544-8800. 

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

Recently, I was honored to be awarded the NAM Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence in recognition of support of policies critical to the success of manufacturing in Texas. We are a nation that celebrates innovation and progress and U.S. manufacturing is leading the way. In Texas, low cost energy is fueling a resurgence in American manufacturing, spurring job creation and growth in our economy. I am honored to receive this award and will continue to support U.S. manufacturing.