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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Saluting Our Military with Special Guest Rep. Mac Thornberry


Video of my address at the 5th Annual “Salute the Military” Luncheon in Corpus Christi, courtesy of KIII News 3.



Congressman Mac Thornberry and I addressing members of the South Coast Texas Military Task Force.


Introducing Thornberry to military officials from Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) to discuss the base’s value to our Armed Forces.

I recently invited Congressman Mac Thornberry (TX-13), fellow Texan and Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, to visit the 27th District to get a personal glimpse into the outstanding work of our service men and women here at home. I was pleased when he took me up on my offer by joining me at the 5th annual “Salute the Military” Luncheon in Corpus Christi. We also met with members of the South Texas Military Task Force that has been an advocate for our area bases. The Task Force has done an incredible job of communicating the concerns of the Naval Air Station (NASCC) and the Army Depot (CCAD) in Corpus Christi to, not only the local business community, but also our political leaders in Austin and Washington, D.C.

During the visit, Mac and I toured both NASCC and CCAD and met with CCAD Commander Colonel Garner Pogue, NASCC Commanding Officer Captain Dave Edgecomb and Rear Admiral Mark Leavitt, Chief of Naval Air Training. As Vice Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, Congressman Thornberry plays a critical role in military funding. This visit gave Mac a first-hand look at the hard working men and women at NASCC and CCAD and their contributions to our community and our country.


Kicking Off Constituent Work Period in the District

Hosting folks from the city of Victoria and the surrounding area at my District Office for an Open House.


Visiting with folks in the northern portion of the 27th District last at a Meet and Greet in Bastrop.


Wrapping up the week’s Meet and Greets in Luling.

I kicked off my Constituent Work Period in the district by hosting various Open Houses and Meet and Greets in Corpus Christi, Victoria, Bastrop and Luling. Participants were able to ask questions, meet my staff, visit the offices and voice their concerns about what’s going on in Washington. Obamacare and immigration were the topic of most of the questions and concerns. I welcomed the opportunity to talk to all who came and update them on my latest efforts to reduce the damage of Obamacare and fix our broken immigration system.

Thanks to everyone who came out to make your concerns heard. If you couldn’t join us, I plan to hold additional community events and gatherings in September before I head back to Washington… stay tuned.


Great News for Civilian Employees in TX & Across the Country


Sharing the good news with Naomi Pena, owner of Circle R restaurant in Flour Bluff.

We learned of some exciting news recently that will greatly relieve DoD employees, like those at CCAD, and small businesses in our community: the DoD recently announced that it is reducing the number of furlough days from 11 to 6.

This is outstanding news for everyone in the area and DoD civilian employees across the country. Moreover, the DoD’s decision will greatly help the businesses in Flour Bluff – also severely impacted by the recent furloughs – get back on track. I’ve said from the beginning that these furloughs were politically motivated and that the savings required under sequestration could be achieved in other ways. I’m glad the DoD (finally) agrees and made the right decision.

*I recently visited with small business owners in Flour Bluff (like Naomi Pena, above) to tell them, in person, the good news that the DoD is reducing the number of furloughs. The furloughs imposed on civilian employees working at CCAD have had a devastating effect on hardworking business owners, like Naomi, and their employees.

Meet Rene Coronado


I’m pleased to welcome U.S. Army Reserve Captain Rene Coronado to my Corpus Christi District Office staff. Rene will be serving as Coordinator of Veterans Outreach.

Captain Coronado was hired through the Congressional Wounded Warrior Program, which was established to create employment opportunities for veterans within the House of Representatives. He’ll be responsible for working with Veterans and Active Duty Military Personnel on behalf of the entire 27th District.

Rene has worked extensively on Veterans’ issues and knows firsthand the unique challenges our military families and individuals face. I offer him a warm welcome to the team and look forward to getting him out in the community to offer his expertise.

Listening to the People I Represent on Immigration

With regards to immigration reform, I wanted to reiterate a couple of points and clear up some misinformation. Some have claimed that a petition that was delivered to my Corpus Christi office by a pro-immigration reform group contained 10,000 signatures of residents from the 27th District. I wanted to clarify that the petition that was delivered actually contains approximately 1,000 signatures of Texas residents – statewide – not 10,000 as reported and not just from the 27th District.

Moreover, with regards to my vote on an amendment offered by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) to the 2014 Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill that would defund the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program: I voted in support of the King amendment because the President doesn’t get to decide which laws we enforce and which we ignore – not because of an immigration issue. President Obama recently issued orders, known as the Morton memos, that would allow DHS officials to focus deportation efforts on just those illegal immigrants who have been convicted of crimes, which would discourage enforcement of our current laws. The President doesn’t have the authority to circumvent the law. I also don’t agree with an effort that promotes the UNenforcement of our laws – and that’s why I supported the King Amendment.

There are several guiding principles I use to evaluate immigration proposals. Here are the “Pillars of My Immigration Reform Policy”:

· We must not repeat the mistakes of the past. In 1986, we granted amnesty to millions of people not legally present in the United States with a promise that border security would follow. It did not.

· Border Security and internal enforcement for overstayers with specific measurable results must come first.

· We cannot reward unlawful activity which means no amnesty.

· We must meet the economic needs of America for both high-skilled and low-skilled workers.

· We must turn off the magnet that draws people to this country by implementing a robust mandatory E-Verify system that employers must use to ensure that their new hires are legally eligible to work in the United States. I support strong sanctions against people and companies hiring exploiting illegal aliens.

· We must have compassion for the victims of illegal immigration, especially people brought to this country as infants and young children. I have recently been asked to join a high-level working group with Majority LeaderEric Cantor and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte to draft the “Kids Act.” This legislation will provide children who were brought to the United States illegally a legal option to stay in the country if they pursue their education or enlist in the military. We’re still in the drafting stage, and I’m continuing to work with community leaders to find the best long-term solution to this issue that fits with my belief that you cannot reward unlawful behavior.

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22 Aug 2013


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More Scenes from the 27th District

I recently joined Roland Garza and Vicente Carranza on the air at Majic KMIQ, where we talked about a wide range of issues from immigration reform to Obamacare.

Photo from my meeting with members of the local business community in East Bernard.

My Field Representative Carol Wootton presenting certificates to 39 Matagorda County 4-H award recipients in Bay City.

Photo of my Field Representative Luis Buentello presenting a U.S. Flag on my behalf to Benjamin John Dietz during his Eagle Scout Ceremony in Portland.

I recently visited the Matagorda Regional Medical Center in Bay City and met with the CEO, Steve Smith, and District Director of Ancillary Services, Renee Savage. We had a productive discussion regarding medical services in rural communities and the challenges they face in providing resources to patients.

Photo my Field Representative Luis took at “The B.I.G. (Booming Oilfields, International Trade, Government Contracting) Event”, sponsored by Del Mar College.

I recently had the opportunity to tour the offices of Radiology & Imaging of South Texas. After viewing the state of the art medical equipment at the facility, I got to to sit down with the doctors who practice at the facility and discuss the current state of medical care and funding here in the 27th District.


Speaking to the Padre Island Business Association, where I gave an update on what’s going on in Washington.


I recently traveled to Dallas to serve as keynote speaker at a Transportation summit.


Visiting with Terry Hlavinka, owner of Hlavinka Farming Equipment. We took a walk around his lot and I got to see the latest in farming equipment that aids our nation’s farmers in feeding not only Americans but people all over the world.

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My friend Rep. Mac Thornberry speaking at the Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce “Salute to the Military.”

Touring the V8 Ranch with Brandon Cutrer. Lots of champion Brahman cattle.

Hanna and Luis from my office help the food bank distribute food in Banquete.


New TxDOT sign up at my Victoria District Office…just in time for my Open House





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