Fiscal cliff concerns

Preventing the fiscal cliff
I am sure you have heard all about the “fiscal cliff” our country will face at the end of this year. If Congress does not act, the American people will be hit with a $494 billion tax increase. Americans are looking for bipartisan leadership and solutions to this problem, however I will not support a plan that raises taxes on middle class families or will increase unemployment.
Republicans in the House have proposed a framework to avert the fiscal cliff through lower tax rates and spending cuts. Republicans have…

The President has called for a balanced plan to avoid the fiscal cliff, and I hope the President and Senate Democrats will work with us to solve this problem. Americans deserve to keep the money they work hard for.
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Texas Tribune’s Hot Seat
Tribune_FestClick on the photo to check out Texas Tribune’s Hot Seat conversation State Rep. Todd Hunter and I had on upcoming legislative priorities.

STEM Jobs Bill – Keeping high skilled workers innovating in the U.S.
Last week, the House passed the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Jobs Act. The STEM Jobs Act will reallocate up to 55,000 green cards a year for foreign graduates of U.S. universities with masters and doctoral STEM degrees. The STEM Jobs act gives the best and brightest foreign students, graduating with advanced degrees in engineering, science and math, green cards to innovate and create jobs here in the United States. Current immigration laws keep these hard working, smart graduates from accepting jobs or starting Businesses in America. Instead, under current law (until the Senate passes and the President signs the STEM Act) these students are taking their talents to firms outside our borders. These valuable individuals and their families now have an opportunity to live the American dream and contribute to our economy.
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