Fast and Furious Investigation Continues

Fast and Furious investigation continues with explosive Inspector General Report
Last week, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing with the Inspector General of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to review the Justice Department’s internal investigation into Operation Fast and Furious. Click here for a copy of the 471 page report. During the hearing, I questioned Inspector General Michael Horowitz on executive privilege over Fast and Furious documents, White House cooperation in the investigation, DOJ collusion with Media Matters and the DOJ using Fast and Furious for political gain. Click on the photo below to view my questions to IG Horowitz.


This report is a step in the right direction in uncovering the truth behind this Operation and to hold the department accountable for its callous actions that contributed to the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry as well as numerous innocent Mexican citizens.

The Inspector General’s report confirmed what we on the Oversight Committee have known all along, Attorney General Holder has severely mismanaged the Department of Justice. The DOJ had over a year and a half to show leadership and instead led Congressional investigators on a wild goose chase for information. Now we know, those at the top of the Department knew about Operation Fast and Furious, should have informed the Attorney General and put an end to this fatally flawed operation.

Click on the photo below to view my Fox and Friends interview on DOJ gone wild

Recent Bill I Co-sponsored
Last week, I became an original co-sponsor on the Military CDL Act. This will allow active duty military personnel to obtain a commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in the state where they serve, or where they receive their military training. There is a shortage of CDL holders in Texas because of increased truck traffic associated with exploration of oil and gas. CDL holders are receiving high salaries and in some cases substantial signing bonuses. At a time when many of our veterans are returning from overseas it is important we support programs that put them back to work as well as allowing them to begin pursuing jobs prior to leaving their military service.