Failures in Benghazi

The Security Failures of Benghazi
Last Wednesday, my colleagues on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee and I questioned top State Department officials regarding the assault in Libya on September 11th. Four American lives, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were senselessly lost in an attack on our consulate in Benghazi. Recent documents revealed top officials at the State Department knew of the escalating danger in Libya yet did not act on this information. Stevens himself wrote a letter requesting the State Department to heighten the security at the mission. The government has a duty to protect its citizens and when they failed to respond, Ambassador Stevens and three diplomats paid the price.

CLICK HERE to see the op-ed I wrote on the hearing for The Hill’s Congress Blog.

I asked in this hearing why bureaucratic red tape and a chain of command should take precedence in matters of life and death. I asked the tough questions because this cannot happen again. In my closing remarks, I urged our State Department to take a more proactive stance and project more strength. This is not a partisan issue; it is an issue of national security at home and abroad. I urge the Administration to ensure the senseless loss of life will not happen again. Click on the photo below to view the video of me questioning Ambassador Kennedy, Lt. Col. Wood, Eric Nordstrom and Charlene Lamb.


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Visit to the Valley

Visit to the Valley
Last Friday, I travelled to San Benito and Brownsville to present a check for the San Benito Cultural and Heritage Museum Project and tour the Texas Oncology Center.

The San Benito Cultural and Heritage Museum Project is designed to ramp up tourism in the community and will create jobs by combining four local non-profits, the Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center, the San Benito Historical Society, the Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame and the Freddy Fender Museum into one facility.   As I told those at the dedication, “I’m glad all your hard work was not Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.  I’m glad we got this done Before the Last Teardrop Falls.”

IMG_0010Congressman Blake Farenthold presents the Economic Development Administration’s check for the San Benito Cultural and Heritage Museum Project. 

Touring the Texas Oncology Center in Brownsville, I was able to see first-hand the important role local cancer treatment centers play in our health care system. These centers, like the Texas Oncology Center, are able to reduce the cost of care while providing excellent patient services. As we move forward to repeal and replace the government takeover of health care I will work to ensure quality patient centered healthcare is available to all Americans.

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