Eliminating Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

One way to make the government more efficient and effective is to crackdown on waste, fraud, and the abuse of federal dollars. As a subcommittee Chairman on the House Oversight Committee, one of my chief responsibilities is serving as a government “watchdog,” identifying areas where taxpayer dollars are not being used efficiently.

Federal government employees and agencies should spend federal dollars with greater care than they spend their own money. In recent years, reports of luxury government travel, outrageous bonuses, and fraudulent uses of federal dollars highlight the need for greater transparency when it comes to government spending. I have introduced legislation to shed light on these practices, and will continue to expose federal waste and inefficiency, making our government more accountable to the people.  Do you know of an example of government waste?  Let the House Oversight Committee know about it here.

Explaining my bill to limit federal conference travel spending, as part of a “Stop Government Abuse” package of bills that went to the House floor.