Update on the Government Shutdown

I am sending this special edition newsletter because last night, while you were sleeping, Senate Democrats – led by Chuck Schumer – recklessly voted to shut down the United States government.

Thursday, House Republicans passed a bipartisan bill continuing government funding, averting this crisis. Our bill would provide funding for our military, delay harmful Obamacare taxes and fully fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years. The bill the House sent to the Senate was not controversial in its content, and something that no Democrat should oppose.

However, Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats voted the bill down as they would rather prioritize 700,000 illegal aliens ahead of our military and the 9,000,000 children at risk if CHIP is not reauthorized. Funding of the military, CHIP and the government as a whole should not be used as political hostages. This ploy is reckless, and I am disgusted.

I will continue to work with my colleagues in the House to end this government shutdown, and avoid further harm to our nation. Due to the shutdown, my offices will be running a skeleton crew to keep the public apprised until this is resolved. While it may be harder to get in touch due to limited resources, please feel free to email me through my website.

 I ask for your prayers that this crisis is solved quickly and in the best interest of America.