Congressman Farenthold Meets with President Trump

By March 17, 2017 Press Releases No Comments

This morning, Congressman Blake Farenthold met with President Trump to discuss repealing and replacing Obamacare.

While Farenthold felt the repeal and replacement didn’t go far enough, after President Trump agreed to give more power to the states and add pro-life protection and at the president’s request, he agreed to support the legislation and work with the administration to continue to improve the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. 

“President Trump specifically asked for my support of this repeal as a result of the meeting,” said Farenthold. “Even though this bill is not perfect, it’s a huge step in getting rid of Obamacare which is imploding under its own terms.  I’ve been working to get rid of Obamacare since I first ran for Congress in 2010. A plan the president is ‘1000% behind’ is the most likely to get the job done.”

The following changes are being made to the bill:

  • Providing states with the option to receive block grants for Medicaid and encouraging them to innovate
  • Implementing work requirements for Medicaid recipients who are able-bodied and without dependents
  • Protecting the unborn by ensuring that tax credits in the bill cannot be used to pay for abortions