Caucus Memberships

Caucuses are small groups of members of Congress who share a passion for one issue or cause.

Liquefied Natural Gas Export Caucus
The mission of the Liquefied Natural Gas Exports Caucus is to promote the development and timely exportation of Liquefied Natural Gas, encourage a regulatory environment that encourages the production and exportation of LNG, and match supply and demand to create a secure and stable environment for natural gas producers and users.

Texas Maritime Caucus
The mission of the Texas Maritime Caucus is to promote Texas ports and waterway districts, illustrate the importance of the ports and waterways to areas of the state and nation beyond the Gulf of Mexico, and advocate for changes in current law to facilitate optimal import and export of cargo and the transportation of passengers.

I-69 Caucus
The mission of the bipartisan Interstate 69 caucus is to raise awareness of the strategic importance of I-69 as a freight corridor. The members of the caucus are working together to advance the development of I-69, and enhance the regional mobility, and the safety of the traveling public.

Congressional Automotive Caucus – works to advance policies that will help the American auto industry grow and create jobs.

Congressional Aluminum Caucus – works to support and raise awareness of the aluminum industry.

Congressional Boating Caucus – seeks to improve economic conditions that negatively impact the industry, protect the nation’s waterways for the estimated 83 million American boaters who use them each year, and address boating safety and create international trade opportunities.

Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus – works to raise awareness and provide a forum for Members representing different committees of jurisdiction to discuss the challenges in securing cyberspace.

Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus – dedicated to the strong enforcement of immigration laws and border protection.

Congressional Israel Allies Caucus – spearheads pro-Israel initiatives and legislative efforts to ensure a secure future for the State of Israel.

Congressional Joint Strike Fighter Caucus – to provide Members of Congress accurate and timely information on the development, testing and deployment of our next-generation fighter.

Congressional Natural Gas Caucus – to advocate for increased natural gas production as it is at the forefront in meeting our domestic energy demands, improving overall energy prices for all Americans, increasing cleaner and homegrown energy sources and encouraging economic growth by generating high quality, good-paying American jobs.

Congressional Navy and Marine Corps Caucus – to preserve and promote the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

House General Aviation Caucus – to inform Members and staff about the importance of general aviation to the nation’s economy and transportation system.

Congressional Travel & Tourism Caucus – to recognize the economic importance of travel and tourism within Members’ communities and the vital need for a congressional advocacy organization to support this multi-faceted industry in Congress.

Congressional Ports Caucus – aims to promote the importance of ports to the nation’s economy and the need to secure them.

Bi-Partisan Privacy Caucus – to highlight the importance of addressing privacy concerns as the prevalence of digitized personal information relating to Americans’ health and financial information increases.

Congressional Caucus on Unmanned Systems – to educate members of Congress and the public on the strategic, tactical and scientific value of unmanned systems, actively support further development and acquisition of more systems, and to more effectively engage the civilian aviation community on unmanned system use and safety.

Congressional Diabetes Caucus – to educate members of Congress and staff about diabetes, and to support legislative activities that would improve diabetes research, education and treatment.

House Military Depot and Industrial Facilities Caucus – dedicated to policy issues that affect military industrial facilities, including aviation depots, arsenals, ammunition plants, shipyards and energetic material production facilities.

Congressional Taiwan Caucus –to strengthen U.S.-Taiwan relations and raise the level of economic and strategic cooperation between the United States and Taiwan.

U.S. – Mexico Friendship Caucus – a caucus dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the relationship between the U.S. and Mexico.

Congressional Southwest Border Caucus – a caucus to highlight the impact of the border region on the U.S. economy.

House Tea Party Caucus – to promote fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution and limited government.

Congressional High Technology Caucus – to find ways to keep America’s tech sector strong and provide the domestic industry with the support it needs to remain on the cutting edge.

Congressional Media Fairness Caucus –  to encourage the media to adhere to the highest standards of reporting and provide the American people with facts, balanced stories and fair coverage of the news.

Congressional Caucus on Intellectual Property Promotion and Piracy Prevention – aimed at protecting intellectual property in the digital age, and understanding that protecting intellectual property is about more than just protecting copyright holders. It is also about protecting the global economy.

Congressional Internet Caucus – to promote the promise and potential of the Internet, now that the Internet has become the engine of commerce, communications and democracy.

Congressional Caucus on Community Health Centers – to identify members as health center supporters, educate colleagues on the importance of health centers, share information on health center priorities and champion the health centers program.

Congressional Creative Rights Caucus – to safeguard creative and intellectual property.

Congressional Home Protection Caucus – to focus on common sense reforms that bring more certainty and stability to homeowners, starting with the goal of promoting market-based solutions to make flood insurance affordable for coastal communities.

Congressional Refinery Caucus – to serve as a clearinghouse for information about issues facing the fuel manufacturing sector and raise awareness of the critical role refineries play in America’s energy world.

Congressional STEAM Caucus – to increase awareness of the importance of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education and explore new strategies to advocate for STEAM programs.

Congressional E-TECH Caucus –  to increase competitiveness in entertainment technology.